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Are you Broken?

Our Community and our Churches have gone through so many changes over the past few years since Covid. We have seen people falling away from the faith and the church, people turning to drugs and alcohol for comfort, People have forgotten who God is and what He has done for them.

When we come to Christ He begins a work in us to change us into His image. That work continues until He returns back for us. We are ALWAYS a work in progress which means we are going to make some bad choices and many mistakes. When Covid hit we were all shut up in our homes away from human contact. Many struggled with anxiety and depression following those days, months and years after. We realized the fragility of human existence and that scared us.

We have seen many that were faithful in the church to fall away since Covid and now have replaced serving God with doing other things. When things go wrong and our world is turned upside down usually people will migrate back to God seeking some kind of solace because their heart knows to come back to the Creator who made us when we are broken.

But, there are some that do not come back to God. They turn to other things of the world to try and fill that void they are needing. No matter how much they search out and no matter what they do they will never find peace in things of this world. Jesus is our only peace and our only solace in our brokenness.

Churches have dwindled down and just now starting to see a rise in people coming back to the faith. I think folks get in that wayward prodigal son mode and need to just take some time to find themselves before realizing God was all they needed. The great thing is that He is always here waiting for you to return. He has a plan for your life and that plan is to prosper you and give you hope and a future. Not my words, but His. (Jeremiah 29:11) The Lord doesn't want you to struggle. He doesn't want you to be broken, sad and empty. He wants to fill you with purpose and joy and guide you on the path of righteousness that will lead you to peace that passes all understanding. Once again, not my words, but His. (Philippians 4:6-7)

So, if you are reading this and you find yourself in a situation that there seems to be no end in sight turn to Jesus. When you are too broken and feel like the pieces are too scattered to even begin to pick up and put back together...turn to Jesus. He can mend you. He can put your pieces back together. He can heal and restore that which has been broken by our sin.


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