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Join us for one of our upcoming Mission Trips.  Contact us at 986-2292 ext. 5 or via email to 

We have 2 trips for Summer 2020. Get registered now!

Brinkley Heights - Memphis



· VBS Bible Clubs in the morning

· Community projects in the afternoon

· Worship in the evening

The Memphis Mission trip is scheduled for May 31- June 6, 2020. This Mission trip is being led by Holly Deford Harris. If you are interested in being part of this mission opportunity please contact our office at 865-986-2292.


$275 per person includes travel & food, with exception of 2 meals on the road, and one meal out on Wed evening

Grace Point Partnership - Springboro, Ohio

Pastor Reagan Wagoner, and his wife, Heather, along with their four children,

are working for the Lord in Springboro, between Cincinnati and Dayton, to reach

people for Christ by planting a new church.


How we will help:

  • We will be Prayer partners for the Wagoner family and their ministry

  • Prayer Walking ministry in the streets of Springboro

  • Block Parties in strategic communities

  • VBS Teams during June & July


If you are interested in being part of a Mission team to Springboro, Ohio please contact our office at 865-986-2292.

Boxes of Blessings - Venezuela

In June 2016 we became aware of the devastation of starvation that has hit the country of Venezuela. We immediately began a food drive to send food to the families of about 75 people. We have sent a shipment once a month and have done so since June 2016 with the help of the churches in our Association. To date we have successfully shipped over 80,000 pounds of food. Our churches have given generously in food and in financial gifts of over $25,000 to handle the shipping costs.

​The families are believers in Christ, and their church is teaming up to use the beans and rice we send to cook and feed people in their community that are very poor. They feed them and then take the opportunity to share Jesus with them as they eat. They began by serving up to 80 people beans and rice and sharing the Gospel.

God began multiplying the shipments so that they were able to go to the town dump “La Pica Roja” and set up tents to feed the families that live and eat from the dump. They share the Gospel of Christ and feed them both spiritually and physically. God has taken the few boxes we began sending and multiplied it so that now hundreds of children and families get hot meals, they also distribute bags of food to poor families. We have been able to send additional shipments of food to a neighboring church for them to distribute and feed their community as well as they share the Gospel of Jesus.  

Even the people who have money to buy food in Venezuela have found no food at all to buy in the stores. Shelves are empty and for what little food there is the price is 10-15 times the normal cost of those items. An example: a single banana would require a day of work to earn enough just to purchase one banana. They have to stand in line for hours to buy food only to be offered 1 chicken for the entire month! They have gone up to 4 days at a time with no food except mangos. Right now the minimum wage is $8-10 per month. Parents are going without food so that their children and have what little they can obtain to eat. The children are dying of malnutrition. Babies are dying because the mothers are malnourished themselves they are unable to breast feed and there is no baby formula.

We had members of one of our Associational churches to donate Bibles for us to send. We began placing Bibles on top of every shipment. We have had only one incident thus far where our shipment was stopped at a security checkpoint by guards and was asked to open the first box. They noticed the Bibles on top and allowed them to continue on saying “Evangelicals, go on”. The same shipment was stopped at a second checkpoint and asked to open the last box. That box also had Bibles on top and the officials once again said “Evangelicals, go on”. This is how GOD’S WORD LITERALLY PROTECTED THESE BOXES OF BLESSINGS to get to the people of Venezuela. His hand has been guiding these shipments. He has been moving in the hearts of His people to give and we have been overwhelmed at the response of our Association in their giving to this ministry.

​A member of the church in Venezuela wrote a thank you note and referred to what we are doing sending food as '"The Boxes of Blessings". We will continue to send food as long as you, the churches are willing to give...and you are such a giving people! Thank you for your participation in such generosity and love!



How can You Help?

​If your Church, Small group or Sunday school class would like to help donate items you can bring these items to the Association office. Please no glass containers. Donations by check can be made payable to LCBA. Please add in the memo section "Boxes of Blessings".

Items needed:


2-5 lb bags of Rice

2-5 lb bags of Dry Beans (Lentils, Black, pinto, white, red...)


Tomato Sauce

Meat cans (chicken, tuna, beef, ham)

Tortilla Flour

Wheat flour

Dry Boxes Milk



Peanut Butter

Baby Food (plastic jars)

Baby Formula





Personal items needed that are very hard to get: Always pads (feminine napkins), Poise pads, deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, razors, toothpaste & toothbrushes, bar soap, Tylenol for adults and children, vitamins for adults and children, wipes, toilet paper

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