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Spreading the Gospel

Have you ever just ventured out into other communities within your area? If you were to drive a 1-2 mile radius from your church, home or work you will find many areas that are un-churched right here in our own Loudon County. How is that possible since we literally have a church on almost every corner? As church folks we get comfortable going to "our" church on Sunday and Wednesday. We see all our "religious, christian" friends at church. We have church outings and dinners to fellowship together. I LOVE my church family and every opportunity I get to spend time getting to know them and sharing life with them. However, God moves in my heart for something more.....

I believe that God places a burden in our hearts for others. It could be a burden for someone who has a physical or financial need. You could have a burden for someone who is hurting and has an emotional need of a friend or a good listener. As Christians we can be of help in so many ways, but I believe God is calling us to help the SPIRITUAL need of the people around us. How can we do that? Well, that's easy, through showing the love of Jesus to those who do not know Him and simply telling them about Him.

Where are you going to find people who need Jesus? EVERYWHERE! People all around us are hurting and searching for answers to all of life's questions. That void that nothing can fill can only be filled by Jesus. They just do not know that yet until someone tells them. We have to go to where they are. We have to meet them in their brokenness rather than expecting them to come to a church building for healing. We have to go beyond the walls of our church buildings, our homes and our small groups and make the effort to reach out to the lost.

Lost people do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care. Period. Do you care about them and where they will spend eternity? If you are a born again believer and follower of Jesus then you should be burdened for them. Help fill physical, financial and emotional needs to build relationships, but never miss the opportunity to share the Gospel with someone and meet the spiritual need. I have witnessed time after time how our Director of Missions Phil Holmes has talked with people who come to the LCBA looking for some type of assistance. He always tells them he is more concerned about their spiritual need and where they will spend eternity and through meeting their physical need we are able to meet their spiritual need as well by sharing the Gospel.

I have witnessed Phil minister to complete strangers multiple times and every time it grasps my heart because that is exactly what God called us to do. We will come in contact with so many people within a week. It is my prayer that revival in the hearts of His people will bring about a new boldness to really share the Gospel without fear. If you feel like you just need some pointers on how to share the Gospel then sign up and come to our Evangelism class that Phil will be teaching beginning September 5th. It is an easy way to engage people through every day conversations into a Gospel conversation.

Friends, may the Spirit of God fill your hearts and minds to encourage and strengthen you to go beyond comfortable and reach out for His name sake to those who need Him. You may just be the bridge to Jesus they need.

God Bless and let's reach this county and the world for Jesus together!

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