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The Loudon County Baptist Association is the group of forty Southern Baptist cooperating churches that work together to tell the world about our belief and faith in God’s only Son, Jesus Christ.  Our 2016 strategy for telling everyone in our local area is called, “Touching Lives for Christ” (TLC), as we want to show the love of Jesus and tell those around us how much Jesus loves them.  Our teams are planning now, as August 6-7, 2016 is the designated week of TLC.

There are many opportunities to serve the communities of our local area through TLC.  Please check out our projects and pray for the Lord to direct you in how you can be apart of what God is doing!






BUSINESSES… Darcy Hughes

Coordinate with Local Baptist and other business owners to show the love of Jesus to their staff & their customers.

A two-fold objective:  1) to show love and care to the owners/staff of the businesses, and 2) to offer the businesses our service of showing God’s love to their customers.  We want to provide a natural way of having a conversation with people of how Jesus can transform their lives.

This can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Free Medical Care

  • Dental Care

  • Auto Services

  • Hair Care

  • Lawn Care

  • other ideas that will develop as the team prays together.

If you want to be a part of this team, please the LCBA office at 865-986-2292




This team will assist the churches of the Loudon County Baptist Association by regularly getting information into the hands of pastors and other church leaders.  You will also assist the other TLC teams in recruiting volunteers from all of our churches as we seek to involve every church, because we need every church to participate if we are to see the results God wants to bring.

If you want to be on this team, please contact Rev. Joe Echols at 817-774-8422 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.  





COMMUNITIES…Rev. Brian Courtney

This team will concentrate on how to best serve the different communities in our associational areas.  Suggested activities would include:

  • Prayer Walks

  • Trash Pickup along the streets

  • free car washes (no donations accepted),

  • free food,

  • and any other ideas that God puts on our hearts as this team meets.

If you would like to serve on the Communities Team, please contact Rev. Brian Courtney, pastor at First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, at 865-458-3151 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.





This team will be serving the area with the Love of Jesus by working with their hands, hearts and minds through construction projects, patterned after World Changers: building wheelchair ramps, painting portions of houses, or general clean up around houses.

Mark Horner is a contractor and has been leading World Changer events for over 25 years.  His experience plus his huge heart for other people to know Jesus offers the leadership we need for this team.

If you want to be on this team, please call Mark Horner at 865-388-1200 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.





Sunday, September 20th, we will be holding a Worship Rally, much like the Billy Graham Crusades from the past.  We are planning well-known guest speakers to give their testimonies of their belief in Jesus.  We, the leadership team, are asking God to bring those without Jesus to this event from all over our associational areas.  We are praying for 2,000 souls to be saved!  If the Lord permits, we will need 75-100 trained counselors at this event, ready to lead groups of 2-3 people through the steps of salvation.

If you would like to be on this team, please contact the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.




FESTIVAL… Rev. Randy Irons

This will be one big block party before the Worship Rally with big blow-up bouncy houses, cotton-candy, popcorn, drinks, grilled hotdogs, face painting, corn hole, and games for the children.  The scale could reach as big as a county fair!  We want everyone from all around our associational areas to invite everyone we know to come to the TLC Festival!

We will ask our churches to mingle with the people, sharing our faith with them.  We will give them free tickets to the Rally that follows the festival.

We need 40-50 volunteers from our churches to participate in this team.  If you would like to be a part, please contact Rev. Randy Irons at 865-591-9300 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.




FIRST RESPONDERS…Mr. Brandon Roberts

Bless the Law enforcement, Firemen, EMT, Millitary, Utillty Workers,Road Departments in our areas.  These workers and families are needing to be blessed and shown love by God’s people.  This team will pray for ways of demonstrating tender loving care, and sharing the gospel.

Brandon Roberts is a full-time fireman with the Loudon City Fire Department, having previously served with the Lenoir City Fire Department.  He has begun a ministry to Emergency Responders already, seeking to meet the spiritual needs of those in these professions.

If you would like to be on this team, please contact Brandon Roberts at 865-771-5467 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.




FOLLOW UP….. Rev. Rod Garrett

Our follow up team will pray over all the contacts we gather, particularly those who make decisions during the Rally.  They will divide the contacts according to geographical locations to correspond with our LCBA churches.  They will make sure to follow up with the churches to see if they are doing the follow-up, and, if they aren’t, they will reassign to other churches.  Every person who makes a decision during the week, and during the Rally, must receive a follow-up contact, preferably an in-home visit.  There are probably family members who are without Jesus as their Savior and this could be an appointed time to share with them as well.

Each team member should be ready to tell someone their personal testimony, and how they can know Jesus too!  Training will be provided for those who need it.  We need to not just introduce them to Jesus, but we also need to walk alongside them during the following weeks to nurture this new relationship, as well as integrate them into the local church.

If you would like to be on this team, please call Rev. Rod Garrett at 865-566-4320 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.




NURSING HOMES… Dr. Ronny Jones

This team will organize different ministries throughout the week for our Nursing Homes, which could include:  visiting with and reading to patients, provide a Bible to every resident, writing families about your visit with their loved one, and seeking to minister to the staff of each facility.  The team will seek the Lord’s heart for how best to administer love to this group.  They will be sensitive to the needs of all, and they will seek to verbally share why they have given their hearts to Jesus as their Savior.

If you would like to be a ministry to an often overlooked group of people, please call Pastor Ronny Jones at 865-660-4930 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.




PARKS… Rev. Mike Hawkins

This team will develop a strategy for going into the parks/ball fields to meet people, deliver freezer pops, hand out bottles of water with Gospel Tracts, pick up trash, talk with people as the Lord permits, and other ideas that will come up as the team prays together.  The parks are always teeming with multiple generations of people, so we need adults, youth and children to get involved with this team to engage all the ages in the parks.  Be prepared to share a gospel presentation with those you speak, for your encounter could be a divine appointment for someone to receive Jesus as their Savior!  We will train you how to do that if you need help!

If you would like to be on this team, please call Rev. Mike Hawkins at 865-300-0610 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.




PRAYER TEAM… Rev. Mark Caldwell

This team is already meeting to saturate the entire region with prayers of God’s anointing.  There are scheduled monthly hours of prayer, that we increase as we draw closer to September.  These prayer hours are being held at different churches on Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30 p.m. However, if you would like to be a part but can’t come to the meetings, we can send you a list of prayer needs for you to pray over whenever you can.

Encourage the churches to  earnestly seek the heart of God for lost people to be saved.  Pray for boldness of every believer to be a witness.  Pray with great expectation of what God will do through His churches if we are obedient to Him as His witnesses.  Pray for 2,000 people to receive Jesus as their Savior & Lord.  The Prayer Team can also serve on other teams, if you feel so lead.

If you would like to be on this team, please call Rev. Mark Caldwell at 865-776-3202 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.




SCHOOLS – Rev. Gary Smith

We want to show our love and concern for our educators and our students across our region.  The Schools Team will pray for ideas about how to demonstrate our love by volunteering to wash windows, paint rooms, clean the property, redo flower beds (mulching), and other possibilities.  This team will work in coordination with local principles to best fit into their schedules, but we want them to know we are seeking to demonstrate the Love of Jesus by acts of service.

If you would like to be on the Schools Team, please contact Rev. Gary Smith at 865-719-1616 or the LCBA at 865-986-2292.




WORSHIP RALLY –  Rev. Mike Arp

The Rally will be designed to invite non-church people, particularly those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, so that they can hear the testimonies of well-known people followed by a gospel invitation to receive Jesus as their Savior.  There will be other components to the Rally, but the main thrust will be to hear a clear understanding of why we all need saving, what Jesus did to save us, and our only response to receive His forgiveness is repentance and to place our trust, our faith, our lives in the One and Only Son of God.

We are praying for two thousand people to place their faith in Jesus!

If you would like to be on the Rally Team, please call Rev. Mike Arp at 865-455-0464 or the LCBA office at 865-986-2292.