Listed on this page are administrative services available to member churches at the Loudon County Baptist Association office. Contact our office for more information or email Teresa Wood at

  • Copying service (business card size through 11×17 tabloid):

  • Color copies

  • Black and white copies

  • Scanning (bulk ok)

  • Automatic high speed folding machine

  • Bulk mailing service

  • Heat binding & comb binding

  • Bulk cutting/trimming (machines for small & large jobs)

  • Notary Public Services

  • Brochures, bulletins, newsletters, business cards, and event material produced for churches

  • In addition we keep files for the following:

  • List of Pastors for Pulpit Supply

  • Current resumes of available pastors (for churches seeking a pastor, youth pastor and worship leader)

Administrative Services

Administrative Services


Helping Churches Point People to Jesus

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For printing please email Teresa Wood



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